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Heidelberg Materials and Felleskjøpet Agri plan to build the world’s first hydrogen-powered bulk carrier and have chosen GreenH as their supplier of green hydrogen. – GreenH has a high degree of competence within hydrogen and the ability to implement and execute. The company is developing several facilities that match our needs and traffic patterns very … Read more

MS Green ammonia

Esso Norge, Grieg Edge, North Ammonia and GreenH have signed a letter of intent to study the potential production and distribution of green hydrogen and ammonia. The gases will be used by the maritime sector at Esso Norge’s terminal at Slagentangen, near Tønsberg. The study will assess whether it is possible to have an annual … Read more

Hydrogen company GreenH has entered into a cooperation agreement on the development of hydrogen at NorSea group’s Vestbase in Kristiansund. The agreement also includes a cooperation with other of NorSea group’s supply bases. “A significant part of the future maritime fleet will use hydrogen, but a challenge with pressurised hydrogen is the high costs connected … Read more

Grieg Edge has entered into a cooperation agreement on the development of green hydrogen company GreenH AS. As part of the agreement, Grieg Edge becomes a shareholder in GreenH AS. Grieg Maritim Group has entered into an agreement through its subsidiary Grieg Edge on the development of green hydrogen with the Oslo-based GreenH. The agreement … Read more

GreenH lokasjon Langstranda Bodø Bilde

The planning proposal for a hydrogen plant at Langstranda have been processed without comments. This is an important step to be able to enter into hydrogen contracts and realise a hydrogen plant in Bodø. The administration in Bodø municipality has considered the planning proposal for a new hydrogen plant at Langstranda and concluded that the … Read more

GreenH Illustrasjon

GreenH has received 5.9 million NOK in support from the Pilot-E programme for the Bodø hydrogen hub. The project aims to develop hydrogen hubs where locating them close to consumption will lead to reduced costs, higher energy efficiency, and a quicker trial and roll-out of hydrogen in Norway. “We are looking forward to working together … Read more

4 Ships in the ocean

GreenH received, in tough competition with 29 other projects, support for its planned plant in Kristiansand. The application was submitted together with Veidekke, NorSea Group, and the county council of Møre og Romsdal. Received support in tough competition In tough competition with 29 other projects, GreenH received support for its planned plant in Kristiansand. The … Read more

Fiskå og voster fra nordvest

The municipal council of Strand approved the detailed plan for the hydrogen plant in Fiskå’s industrial area. The purpose of the plan is to facilitate the building of a hydrogen plant in the far north of Fiskå’s industrial area. An important step on the road to hydrogen production at Fiskå A zoning of the area … Read more

Langstranda Icarus

The presidency of Bodø municipality decided on 11 November 2020 to give GreenH the right to buy a 9.5 acre plot of land at Langstranda in Bodø. The area is a perfect site for hydrogen production and will establish Bodø as a hydrogen hub. The presidency in Bodø municipality gives GreenH the right to buy … Read more

Industrial gas and engineering company Linde and hydrogen infrastructure company GreenH have joined forces with SINTEF and Norconsult to investigate the possibilities of setting up a green hydrogen production plant at Langstranda in Bodø. The plant would produce both liquid and pressurised hydrogen with direct delivery for maritime use and road transport in Bodø. The … Read more

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