What is GreenH

By developing a green infrastructure for Hydrogen, GreenH will lead the shift that enables a low-emission society for future generations.

GreenH is a Norwegian company that develops infrastructure for the production and distribution of green hydrogen from renewable energy. The company is engaged in projects aimed at building, owning and operating hydrogen production facilities for the maritime sector, transport and industry. The company will establish a network of hubs for hydrogen production, located as close as possible to the end users. This will result in reduced transport costs, and reduced CO2 emissions both during production, transport and use.

Why GreenH

Hydrogen production through electrolysis requires water and electricity. Hydropower offers unquestionable green power along with natural access to water.

Together with our partners Infranordic AS and Norsk Vannkraft AS, we have more than 10 years’ experience with developing, designing, and operating hydropower plants in Norway. Through our owners, we have strong industrial competence. That makes us well placed to lead the establishment of a hydrogen infrastructure based on renewable energy sources.

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Why is GreenH focusing on green hydrogen?

The environmental benefits from hydrogen depend on how the hydrogen is produced.

Grey hydrogen

Hydrogen produced from non-renewable sources. This could be for instance by steam reforming using natural gas or by gasification of fuel. Steam reforming has a negative environmental impact through the actual reforming (ca 7kg CO2e produced per kg (1) and a total carbon footprint of 10-14kg CO2e per kg H2 (2))

Blue hydrogen

Hydrogen produced from non-renewable sources, but where the emissions of CO2e are reduced through carbon capture and storage (CCS). Using CCS, CO2e emissions from steam reforming and gasification can be reduced by 50-95%.

Green hydrogen

Hydrogen production based on renewable sources. This could be for instance hydrogen produced using electrolysis of energy from sun, wind or water. The total carbon footprint will be less than 1kg CO2e per kg H2 (3).

(1) Princeton University 1997 (2) DNV GL Report 2009-0039 (3) DNV GL Report 2009-0039

Why is GreenH focusing on hydropower?

You cannot get greener hydrogen. Locally produced hydrogen using Norwegian hydropower can have a total carbon footprint of less than 0.2kg CO2e per kg H2! (1)

Hydrogen production from local small power plants has 100% traceable green energy. The electricity literally comes from the river. Hydrogen production from hydro power plants close to where the demand for hydrogen comes from eliminates the transport of water, electricity, and hydrogen. As we said, you cannot get greener hydrogen.

(1) An estimate of 3g CO2 per KWh produced by hydropower* (Eastern Norway research 2015) and 45.6 KWh per kg H2 produced through electrolysis ≈ 0.14kg CO2e per kg H2 produced.

How do we do this?

We base everything we do on three principles.

Indisputably green

Everything we do should contribute to a better environment

The end user is the boss

Everything we do is based on customer needs

Good business

Everything we do must be at least as profitable as today

Contact us

GreenH establishes the production and sale of hydrogen at several locations in Norway. If you are interested in hearing more about us and some of our projects, please get in touch.