NorSea Group and GreenH start a cooperation on the development of hydrogen at NorSea Group’s supply bases

Hydrogen company GreenH has entered into a cooperation agreement on the development of hydrogen at NorSea group’s Vestbase in Kristiansund. The agreement also includes a cooperation with other of NorSea group’s supply bases.

“A significant part of the future maritime fleet will use hydrogen, but a challenge with pressurised hydrogen is the high costs connected with transporting the hydrogen. We have worked in the past year on developing a solution for the maritime bunkering of pressurised hydrogen, precisely to be able to offer hydrogen at locations such as NorSea group’s bases,” said Axel Klafstad, head of business development at GreenH.

Hydrogen company GreenH and NorSea Group have now entered an agreement on the development of hydrogen at NorSea Group’s supply bases. First up is NorSea Group’s Vestbase in Kristiansund. It is planned to set up at production plant inside – or close to – Vestbase so that transport costs of the hydrogen are minimised.

“With the development in energy and technology, the industry is changing. NorSea wants to play a central role in shaping the maritime sector. It is therefore natural to look at the development and offer of new energy sources such as hydrogen at our bases,” said Terje Kvisvik, from NorSea Group.

GreenH is developing several hydrogen projects along the coast and has invested significant resources in developing models and solutions for the maritime sector.

– Vi har analysert Norge for å finne de mest lovende lokasjonene for hydrogen og har stor tro på Kristiansund som et maritimt knutepunkt for hydrogen. I “We have analysed Norway to find the most promising locations for hydrogen, and have great faith in Kristiansand as a maritime hub for hydrogen. In addition to significant consumption from the maritime sector, we also have a dialogue with other industry and consumers in Kristiansund. It is a great strength to develop this together with NorSea Group, which knows the customer base and area well,” said Klafstad.

Kristiansund is one of Norway’s busiest maritime hubs with more than 16,000 port calls annually. A big part of these take place at NorSea Group’s Vestbase. The model being developed can be rolled out to NorSea Group’s other bases.

“We have great faith in the solutions we are developing together with GreenH for Vestbase, and see many synergies by taking the lessons with us to other bases, such as for example Polarbase in Hammerfest. By being able to offer direct bunkering from the plant, transport costs will be cut for NorSea’s customers. Thus we will be able to bunker hydrogen at competitive prices at the same place that they would go to anyway to pick up supplies,” said Kvisvik.

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