Presidency of Bodø municipality gives GreenH the right to buy land at Langstranda in Bodø for hydrogen production

The presidency of Bodø municipality decided on 11 November 2020 to give GreenH the right to buy a 9.5 acre plot of land at Langstranda in Bodø. The area is a perfect site for hydrogen production and will establish Bodø as a hydrogen hub.

The presidency in Bodø municipality gives GreenH the right to buy land at Langstranda 

GreenH’s application for the right to buy a plot of about 10 acres at Langstranda in Bodø to set up a hydrogen production plant was unanimously approved by the Presidency of Bodø municipality.

Bodø is a perfect hydrogen hub

The location means the plant will be able to supply hydrogen where the consumption is, and in this way cut transport costs completely and offer competitively priced hydrogen in Bodø. The plant will be able to produce hydrogen for ferries and other maritime transport, nearby road transport, railway, airport, as well as contribute to a green infrastructure in connection with a new smart suburb in Bodø. The proximity to the plant will enable hydrogen pipelines to filling stations / green hubs, synergies through the use of residual heat from the plant to heat buildings, as well as possibilities to create a competitive infrastructure for CO2-free transport solutions.

Bodø is the perfect hub for hydrogen in the north and Langstranda is the perfect place in Bodø
Morten Solberg Watle, chief executive of GreenH

Value creation in Bodø

A hydrogen plant in Bodø will contribute to value creation both through direct investments in starting up of several 100 million NOK, and direct employment at the plant. It will also give indirect value creation in the form of the increased attractiveness of setting up in Bodø and the region due to access to competitive green hydrogen and residual products from the production such as oxygen for hatchery production or residual heat.

I think this is a supreme case on how we can work actively to attract new business and new jobs in sustainable future industries
Ida Maria Pinnerød, mayor of Bodø, during the presidency meeting on 20/11/2020

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