Press release Greenbulk og GreenH AS

Heidelberg Materials and Felleskjøpet Agri plan to build the world’s first hydrogen-powered bulk carrier and have chosen GreenH as their supplier of green hydrogen.

– GreenH has a high degree of competence within hydrogen and the ability to implement and execute. The company is developing several facilities that match our needs and traffic patterns very well, says Lars Erik Marcussen, project director at Heidelberg Materials.

Together, Heidelberg Materials and Felleskjøpet will build the world’s first hydrogen-powered bulk carrier, with routes between the east and west of Norway. The load from east to west will be grain, while the return load will be construction waste (crushed stone and gravel). The project has been developed as part of the Green Shipping Programme (Grønt Skipsfartsprogram).

GreenH is developing several plants for hydrogen production along the coast and has invested large resources in developing models and solutions for the maritime sector.

—This is an important milestone for us and for the facility at Boknafjorden. We are proud to be supplying hydrogen to the world’s first hydrogen-powered bulk carrier. This fits well with our strategy of being at the forefront of developing solutions that will accelerate the use of hydrogen in maritime transport, says Lars Petter Revheim, Head of Project Development at GreenH.

Favorable location
The facility at Boknafjorden is favorably located with regards to the vessel’s traffic pattern, which again is beneficial in terms of time and fuel consumption. This reduces transport costs for the hydrogen, and deviation on the ship itself. The facility makes it possible to load the hydrogen at the location where it is produced and is also constructed to enable the vessel to lift the hydrogen container on board. Emissions of CO2 are further reduced when transport of the hydrogen is avoided.

—This project is exceptional in that two product owners from completely different industries come together. We are excited to have found a key partner in GreenH, and we look forward to further collaboration when the project is realised, says Per-Kenneth Øye, head of the transport group at Felleskjøpet Agri.

The final investment decision for the Greenbulk project is planned to be made early in 2023, and the plant to be operational early in 2025. The project group working together to achieve this will, in addition to GreenH, comprise the Green Shipping Program/DNV, Heidelberg Materials, Felleskjøpet Agri, Egil Ulvan rederi and The Norwegian Ship Design Company.

—These are solid, highly competent companies that we look forward to working with. We are excited and proud that GreenH will be part of this project group, says Morten Solberg Watle, CEO of GreenH.

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GreenH establishes the production and sale of hydrogen at several locations in Norway. If you are interested in hearing more about us and some of our projects, please get in touch.