Zoning plan for hydrogen plant at Fiskå approved by Strand municipality

The municipal council of Strand approved the detailed plan for the hydrogen plant in Fiskå’s industrial area. The purpose of the plan is to facilitate the building of a hydrogen plant in the far north of Fiskå’s industrial area.

An important step on the road to hydrogen production at Fiskå

A zoning of the area for hydrogen is a prerequisite to be able to set up a plant. Norconsult has led the process with a detailed plan for Fiskå, which has taken about a year.

 “We had done a thorough preparation so we felt there was little risk that unforeseen elements would pop up, but it was a time-consuming process,” said GreenH’s chief executive, Morten S Watle. We want to highlight the good cooperation with Norconsult, Strand municipality, and Fiskå Industrial Area. This cooperation has been crucial in the good progress of the process.

An approved detailed zoning plan means that the risk surrounding setting up is significantly reduced and is thus an important step on the road to a hydrogen plant at Fiskå.

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