Green hydrogen in multiple segments

As a leading player in the hydrogen sector, GreenH is committed to delivering solutions that have the potential to transform several key industries. Hydrogen exists, but we depend on someone making hydrogen available as an energy carrier to consumers and various industrial areas.


By utilizing hydrogen, aviation can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which is crucial for meeting global climate goals. Hydrogen also produces less noise, which is important for reducing environmental impact around airports. Furthermore, hydrogen can increase the range and payload for aircraft, enabling the aviation industry to maintain operational efficiency while reducing its carbon footprint.


The use of hydrogen in shipping can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, which is fundamental for making maritime transport more sustainable. With hydrogen fuel, ships can operate without emissions, which is a crucial step towards achieving climate goals and protecting marine ecosystems.

Rail transport

Hydrogen can make rail transport more environmentally friendly by reducing both greenhouse gases and noise. This is particularly important in areas where electrification is challenging. Hydrogen-powered trains can offer an emission-free solution, which is important for meeting global climate goals, especially in land-based transport.

Industrial process

In industrial processes, such as steel production, refining, and chemical manufacturing, hydrogen can help reduce dependence on fossil fuels and thereby cut greenhouse gas emissions. This is critical for transforming the industry towards sustainable operations. Hydrogen can also provide high-temperature heat and raw materials for a range of industrial applications, increasing utility and contributing to economic efficiency.

Heavy transport

In heavy transport, hydrogen can play a key role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution from trucks and buses. With longer driving ranges and faster refueling times compared to batteries, hydrogen is an attractive alternative for long-distance and high-intensity use, helping to reduce the transport sector’s impact.

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