Torghatten Nord and GreenH have entered into a hydrogen delivery agreement 

Torghatten Nord and green hydrogen producer GreenH have formalised a contract comprising a 15-year hydrogen supply agreement for the Lofoten ferries.

Last year, it became clear that the ferries on the Bodø-Moskenes-Værøy-Røst route will be operated by Torghatten Nord and run on green hydrogen. Now, the ferry company has signed an agreement with hydrogen provider GreenH, securing a green hydrogen supply commitment that spans from 2025 to 2040.

“We’ve had a close collaboration with GreenH for a long time. Because this is an extensive and comprehensive contract, coupled with its incorporation of novel technology and an innovative fuel source, we recognised the importance of dedicating ample time to the process. Through a foundation of trust and collaboration, we have developed a robust contract,” says Torkild Torkildsen at Torghatten Nord.

Calculations by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen) indicate that the collective impact of the hydrogen ferries will result in an annual reduction of 26,500 tons of CO2, comparable to the emissions from approximately 13,000 diesel cars.

At present, there is no significant green and clean hydrogen production on a large scale in Norway. With the confirmation that Torghatten’s Lofoten ferries will be fueling with hydrogen from GreenH’s envisioned facility at Langstranda in Bodø, GreenH proceeds with the efforts to establish the facility.

The facility will have a capacity of 6-10 tons of hydrogen per day and it will incorporate infrastructure for the sale and distribution of oxygen, as well as the exchange of heat for the district heating network.

The investment cost of the facility is estimated to amount to approximately NOK 1 billion, generating a direct and indirect employment potential of 10-30 positions. GreenH believes that the planned facility in Bodø will have significant and positive ripple effects for the city, extending beyond the realms of direct investments and job creation.

“Now it’s clear that we’re going to build one of the largest and first hydrogen facilities in Europe at Langstranda in Bodø. This development is excellent news for green transportation in Northern Norway, carrying substantial ramifications specifically for Bodø. The facility will contribute to building expertise and an industry that is at the forefront internationally, fostering employment prospects and value creation for Bodø”, says CEO of GreenH, Morten Solberg Watle.

“We’ve been collaborating with GreenH for a long time. The industrial establishment harbors tremendous potential for Bodø, both in the short and long term. Hosting the production at Langstranda offers substantial opportunities for positioning Bodø as a global hub for advancing tomorrow’s green energy solutions. It also paves the way for forward-looking energy solutions in the new urban area. This establishment stands as a crucial contribution towards achieving our ambitious climate goals”, says Mayor of Bodø, Ida Pinnerød.

The hydrogen slated for production, along with the surplus heat and oxygen, can be utilised for purposes beyond ferry operations.

“A hydrogen facility of our scale makes Bodø highly appealing as a testing ground for future green aviation. The substantial oxygen output holds value for the aquaculture industry, and we are planning heat exchange with the district heating network in collaboration with Bodø Energi and Varme”, explains Watle.

The ferries are set to run on hydrogen starting from October 2025, and the parties are currently fully engaged in finalising the project.

Torkildsen emphasizes that the development, construction, and operation of the hydrogen ferries represent pioneering work in which both the maritime transport company and GreenH desire – and are entirely dependent on – collaboration and support from local and national authorities.

“These pioneering hydrogen ferries are the first of their kind to refuel directly from an inaugural facility of its kind. It’s evident that this will require both support and collaboration, particularly in a scenario of unsettled global economy and a war in Ukraine. There are still some commercial aspects being jointly explored by Torghatten Nord and GreenH”, says Torkild Torkildsen.

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