GreenH receives 3.5 million NOK in support from Innovation Norway

GreenH receives 3.5 million NOK in support from Innovation Norway to explore small-scale hydrogen concepts.

Big possibilities for local hydrogen production

The market for green hydrogen is virtually non-existent today, but is expected to increase strongly in the period from 2025 until 2030. It is a challenge to create profitable hydrogen production in a market with no economies of scale. In addition, geography and low population density make scaling up challenging in Norway. GreenH believes that there is a big possibility to produce hydrogen on a smaller scale locally.

Innovation Norway supports GreenH with 3.5 million NOK to explore small-scale hydrogen concepts

GreenH, together with SINTEF and Norconsult, will explore concepts for production of both pressurised and liquid hydrogen on a smaller scale, as well as develop solutions for practical implementation. Where the market largely focuses on a minimum production of 5 tonnes per day to produce liquid hydrogen (LH2), GreenH believes that it is possible to produce LH2 profitably all the way down to 1 tonne per day.

The budget for the project is estimated at 5 million NOK and GreenH is pleased that Innovation Norway supports this project so that different technical solutions can be tried.

GreenH wants to produce hydrogen on a smaller scale where the consumers are. In this way, we reduce emissions and transport costs and enable an earlier roll-out of hydrogen!
Morten S Watle, GreenH
Innovation Norway
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