Brødrene Nordbø and GreenH enter into agreement on hydrogen cooperation in the Fiskå industrial area

Brødrene Nordbø and GreenH have entered into agreement on a cooperation to realise a hydrogen plant in the Fiskå industrial area. The area is well located for ferries and industry that can give synergies and a lower hydrogen price.

Fiskå is an area that provides synergies

Fiskå industrial area is a landfill site of 50 acres adjacent to the Fiskå mill. The area is owned by Brødrene Nordbø who have been involved in industry in the area over several generations. 

Brødrene Nordbø has plans for the area that can provide reductions in both heat and oxygen from the hydrogen production. “In addition, Brødrene Nordbø and Fiskå Mølle both have industry, trucks, and maritime interests that could need hydrogen in the future,” said Morten S Watle, GreenH.

Well suited for maritime bunkering

The location of the site is such that zones requiring special consideration will face the water, and a hydrogen plant would have a deep-sea harbour directly adjacent. This enables a ferry or other vessel to bunker directly from the plant without the security zones interfering with other businesses. “Direct bunkering will also be able to eliminate transport costs, which are expensive for hydrogen,” said Watle.

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