Petter to lead GreenH in Bodø

Petter Olsen Bertheussen (39) has been appointed to lead GreenH’s organization in Bodø. He comes from a position as project manager and business advisor in Bodø municipality. 

– We could not have found a better person to lead the development of GreenH’s facilities and organization in Bodø. With Petter, we get a leader who combines deep technology knowledge with a good mood, determination, and community engagement. Petter will be a crucial piece in further developing our project to build one of Northern Europe’s largest hydrogen facilities, says Morten Solberg Watle, CEO of GreenH. 

Morten Solberg Watle, CEO of GreenH.

Olsen Bertheussen was born and raised in downtown Bodø and has a background as an electrical engineer and holds a master’s in technology management from NTNU in Trondheim. He will start his new job on August 1. 

Petter Olsen Bertheussen starts his new job on August 1.

– I am incredibly proud of the trust I have received from GreenH and see this as a ‘once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’. Green hydrogen is absolutely crucial for society to transition from fossil fuels, and I would like to contribute what I can to this transition. I am very excited to create the best and most sustainable workplaces in Bodø, says Petter Olsen Bertheussen. 

Olsen Bertheussen started his career at Siemens, where he was involved in the transition to battery and hybrid ships. In Bodø municipality, he has worked on green aviation.

I am incredibly proud of the trust I have received from GreenH and see this as a ‘once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’.

– I will soon have worked for two years as a business developer in Bodø municipality, mainly as a project manager for green aviation. Here, I got to know GreenH, and their values and team greatly impressed me. At the same time, I want to highlight that Bodø municipality is a fantastic workplace, where I will miss my colleagues and a proactive administration, says Bertheussen.

The father of young children does not regret his decision to return to Bodø from Trondheim a few years ago. 

– In my previous job at Siemens, I traveled around the world 260 days a year, but when we became parents, we felt it was right to come home to Bodø, family, and friends. That a ‘city rascal’ who did not pass elementary school now gets to lead a very important project for Bodø and the region is truly incredible, says Bertheussen.

Key facts about the project:: 

  • Locally produced hydrogen for ships, road traffic, industry, and the new airport. The facility will have a capacity of 6-10 tons of hydrogen per day.
  • 60 m quay connected to the factory where ships can easily bunker hydrogen.
  • From the tanks, the hydrogen is transferred to a bunkering facility/tower on the quay. New technology for bunkering directly from the plant.
  • The electrolysis process produces hydrogen, oxygen, and heat using water and renewable electricity as input factors.
  • In the production of green hydrogen via electrolysis, heat is generated that must be removed. This resource is rarely utilized, and GreenH plans to transfer it to district heating systems and provide heat to the new district and airport coming to Bodø.
  • The large amounts of oxygen created in the production process can be useful for the surrounding aquaculture industry.
  • The direct man-years will primarily occur in Bodø, while the effects beyond this region will largely be indirect annual jobs and consumption effects.
  • A facility of this magnitude requires large amounts of special equipment that must be purchased from abroad. The construction work will largely be carried out by local contractors.

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